Past, present and future…

The end of another Semester and we made it through with some success. I always expect to feel really upbeat and giddily happy at the end of the semester / academic year whereas actually it is a mixture of relief and satisfaction for all we've achieved and the service we've provided and the students that … Continue reading Past, present and future…


It’s all about the conversation…and when to stop

This week has been a 'noisy' week - a week filled with meetings, conversations and discussions.  Mostly valuable and worthwhile, some even enjoyable in a work context, but nevertheless a lot of interactions. Team meetings with teams, catch up meetings with Supervisors, catch up meetings with line managers, Resources and Facilities meetings, project meetings about … Continue reading It’s all about the conversation…and when to stop

Up-skilling and cross-skilling – staff training

Up-skilling and cross-skilling The strategic aim is something along the lines of ensuring that all of the customer services team are cross skilled, can be co-located and record all issues and enquiries. Therefore the overarching plan is that all of the library assistants (daytime, weekend, evening), information assistants and IT Helpdesk staff would be able to … Continue reading Up-skilling and cross-skilling – staff training

Library – self service kiosks and staff cards

Our Library Self Service system and other new Information Services developments were 'opened' by the University Principal on the 13th September.  It was an opportunity to show off the new services that are available.  As well as the self issue / return book kiosks, there are staff service cards which are like ID cards but … Continue reading Library – self service kiosks and staff cards