I’m glad we’ve reached the end of term – it feels like an achievement. Today I tried to get all outstanding tasks done or at least sorted for two weeks as I don’t intend to check my emails while I’m off.
We started the day with our department meeting. It’s good to have an update and to let everyone know some of the new developments that are going to be introduced after Easter. These include changes to floor 2 including walk up bookings for computers and more roving and also a staff upskilling programme.
Then I went to a strategic issues briefing for managers by the principal and senior managers. This is quite a good idea and useful for updates on funding and financial information.
Other tasks were sorting out our web conferencing project, checking up on the situation regarding the transfer of data from Blackboard to SharePoint, chasing up outstanding technology equipment and lots of other bits and pieces.
I had a meeting with my line manager to let him know what’s happening and what we’ve got planned. It’s good to catch up.
Hopefully I’ve sent all the emails I need to and not left anything urgent outstanding.
I picked up some books …… back in 2weeks 🙂